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Fake spring brought early Stellaria media - Chickweed.

Yesterday’s harvest of Chickweed - Stellaria media! OH MY GODDESS! Have you ever tried Chickweed? I’ve had it in dry form before which WAS WRONG. Chickweed is a lovely ally that needs to be made fresh or consumed fresh. Julie James of Green Wisdom Herbal Studies. Garden day in class. My first year of apprenticeship in her clinical A Traditional Western Herbalism program. My second year of herbal studies. This moistening - cooling demulcent herb is soothing to any heat and inflamed conditions. Can be used externally as a poultice or a tincture can be applied for minor burns, drawing splinters, skin irritation with inflammation. You may not want to apply tincture on an open wound or cut... OU

Desert Fire Cider

I’m sure you’ve heard of Fire Cider, if you haven’t it is an immune boosting - stimulating tonic that is typically taken to wave off the cold/flu, strengthening the immune system and can also help during allergy season. Made popular by Herbalist Rosemary Gladstar nearly 30 years ago. She’s taught folks all over how to make this spicy remedy which is now being taught to others and made by folks who are not Herbalist. This is not some kept secret. Teaching others how to empower ourselves trough herbal remedies and staying healthy. Now many have not heard and are purchasing a Fire Cider sold in many health food stores or online of a company called Shire City Herbal who have trademarked “FIRE CI

Urtica dioica - Nettle for Allergies

I JUST LEARNED SOMETHING NEW ABOUT URTICA dioica that has me over the moon! Chatting with local Jtree clinical herbalist - Medicine Man, Doug McKern of La Larria Botanicals about making clinical medicine, solvents, desert medicine, CDC adverse effects studies and reports (i’m obsessed now with reading CDC reports & American Botanical Council) he told me that the most effective method of extraction of Urtica dioica- Nettle for allergies is by using FRESH Nettle. I had that AHHA moment! I see why certain tinctures of Nettle have not worked in the past for me when taken for allergies and I realize the effectiveness in comparison to the acetum’s & oxymels I have made using FRESH Nettle have help

Sacred Medicine - Sacred Datura

Painting by Joanna Keane Lopez . The beautiful illustration above is one of the many beautiful paintings featured in my friends booklet featuring plant medicine of New Mexico called Plantcraft: Medicinal Botanicals of New Mexico. Depicting the beautiful night blooming Datura flower and the Hawk Moths which feeds off the nectar of Sacred Datura and the trumpet like flower provides shelter for the Hawk Moth eggs. Her trumpet like flowers bloom in the night wither the next day. The flowers evoke a feeling of mystery and portal to the spirit world. I recently referred to Sacred Datura as a Siren who’s beauty is so captivating and luring but demanding respect or one will see the night and not ret

Lunar Eclipse Herbal Body Butter

I know that I’m three days late in writing about the Lunar Eclipse, but I was pretty busy leading up to the days before it and after. Planning and preparing for the eclipse had me going within a little bit reclusive and honoring my time alone. I felt more creative than usual and ended up making a few new things. One was a herbal body butter. I make my own beauty products rather than spending money on lotions, creams etc that are laced with things I can’t even pronounce. Plus the fake fragrances are to me what Garlic is to a vampire. Sometimes the fragrance are so strong it actually causing respiratory problems in some folks. My mother and I are both sensitive, so FAKE smells have no space in


I can’t believe the class is SOLD OUT!! I am over the moon filled with excitement to see that so many folks are interested in Herbal Medicine and I am thrilled to share that the medicine of the plants is PEOPLES MEDICINE🌿Taking our health and wellness into our hands in the roots of the Wise WOMBYN Tradition & in the roots of our ancestors, before there was a healthcare system there were medicine WOMBYN and MEN. Thank you to all who pre-registered for the Desert Fire Cider hands-on workshop this Saturday 2.3.18 at Cactus Mart. if y’all are wondering what makes this a “Desert” Fire Cider, well I am ethically wildcrafting medicinal native plants to the Mojave Desert for the class. There is so