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Womb Care for Excessive Menstrual Bleeding and Cramping

Recently I had my IUD removed after having it for over 10 years. I was over the heavy bleeding and the seven day duration of bleeding. I was aware of the heavy bleeding that was expected with the IUD and for years I just dealt with the exhaustion and depletion during and after each cycle. I would have to change tampons anywhere from five to eight times a day. When I used the Diva Cup, my cup just "runneth over" so I gave up on the cup. During this time when I had the IUD, I began working with herbs that would help staunch blood (styptic) incorporating herbs that would nourish my body and build blood a week before and during my cycle. I started to work with these herbs on a daily basis rotat

Ghost Pipe, a NO PICK

I have a Flora Bucket List of plants and fungi that I want to meet and not so much to gather while I am studying in the PNW, I recently checked off my list Monotropa uniflora commonly known as Ghost Pipe a strikingly beautiful ghostly, otherworldly looking plant that has been gaining a lot of popularity on social media and getting a lot of "INSTAlove". GHOST PIPE, A NO PICK Many folks wildcrafting this plant will speak of this plant as being "sacred" and attribute its medicinal uses as being a nervine and an analgesic. Folks wildcrafting Ghost Pipe will defend their gathering of the plant by saying they gather only the aerial parts, adding to it catch phrases, "ethical" or "sustainable" to m