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When folks think of the desert, most think of a what a barren and dry place. Well dry it is but barren it is not. I have been studying and working with the plants of the Mojave Desert and other deserts like the Colorado - Sonoran learning of the medicine that these plants offer. I’m amazed at how resilient the plants are here. They are strong in dealing with the extreme elements. So they Medicine they offer is to me some powerful stuff. I’ve been making herbal remedies, experimenting in various of ways to make medicine and want to share some of the ways I’ve found working with the plants useful and incorporating them in my daily routine of SELF CARE. Which brings up these two workshops I am

Desert Medicine Plant ID Hike

Join me this Saturday, June 16th at 5pm at the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve in Morongo Valley for a sunset stroll in this amazing and diverse preserve for the Desert Medicine Plant ID Hike . Proceeds of the plant hike will be going to the GoFundMe for Jim McDonald’s recovery . If you can’t make it, please consider donating anything to help Jim & his family. More in this link https://www.gofundme.com/jim-mcdonald039s-recovery Looking at the above photo you wouldn’t think that this is in the desert. The partially paved trail established by local botanist Robin Kobaly is in an area of the high desert that is so diverse. It’s a wetland that when roaming along you feel as if you’re in some tropic