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Protecting Joshua Trees - Podcast on Herbrally

I was approached by my friend of HerbRally podcast, Mason Hutchison who has been following along to what is going on with Yucca brevifolia, Western Joshua Tree and asked if I would do a podcast on the Joshua Trees. If you are just reading this and have no idea of what has been happening, I will keep this brief and then you can head over to the podcast and learn more. (read below on what you can do to help protect Joshua Trees in the interim while we wait for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife decision on protection of the Joshua Trees) Joshua Trees are in grave threat of CLIMATE CHANGE, and wildfires, In May of 2020 in Yucca Valley a fire claimed 150 acres of Joshua Tree Woodland

Illegal destruction of Joshua Trees and Yuccas in Yucca Valley. Joshua Trees NEED YOUR VOICE!

If you are inclined to help us protect the Western Joshua Tree Yucca brevifolia please read on but we really need voices present on August 20, 2020 to voice support of the one year study that would determine Western Joshua Tree as a threatened species To make the most powerful impact we need as many present at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Zoom hearing, which each person will have the opportunity to speak on why the Western Joshua Tree Yucca brevifolia needs protection. CDFW link CLICK HERE On August 10, 2020 I was called out to a location in Yucca Valley where a contractor was illegally removing Joshua Trees and Yuccas without a Native Plant Permit Our group acquired nat

Plant Allies for Fire Season

It is incredibly saddening and heart tearing to see the havoc of the current Apple Valley and Cherry Valley fires in Southern California, currently there is 0% containment despite the efforts of fire fighters which over 1000 firefighters are on the ground including the aircraft that is dropping fire retardant working hard to contain the fire and protect homes. The high winds are not helping in containment either and due to the high winds the smoke is dispersing throughout the area making it difficult to breath. Our sky today is grey with hints of orange with a rainfall of ashes. Despite what apps like Air Bubbles claim about moderate air quality, stepping outside without a mask is not healt