Botanical Studies  
Foundational Herbalism Series

Foundational Herbalism is an introductory LIVE Zoom online course encompassing the fundamental principles of Traditional Western Herbalism. This program consists of a series of eight classes (25 hours). 


This course will introduce you to a new way of looking at plants, their uses while cultivating relationships with the flora. 


Topics Covered


  • Aromatic, Bitter, Mucilant and Astringent herbs. Learning how these herbal actions can be applied to herbal uses.


  • Re-engaging our sense of taste: Salty, Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Bland, Acrid and Spicy Here we will taste herbs in forms of tea to the eating of plants to experience their actions in our bodies. Students will learn how these herbal actions, our sense of taste can be applied as part of the foundations of herbalism and in customizing herbal formulas.


  • Bioregional Materia Medica: Working with flora of the Mojave, Sonoran and Colorado Deserts and flora of North America. We will focus on plants that are accessible in the herb trade along with those we can cultivate our own medicinal native gardens. Students will be sent herbs for the Herbal Tea Discovery where from the comfort of your home you can participate. 


 Herbal Preparations. In each class participants will learn how to prepare and use these herbs in the following preparations: 

  • Herbal infused oils for culinary and medicinal uses.

  • Tinctures

  • Liniments, facial toners and skincare

  • Poultice 

  • Acetum (herbal vinegars) 

  • Teas, Infusions and Decoctions

  • Salves

  • Herbal Infused Honey


Where: Live virtual class using zoom. 


Dates: TBA. Register to our website to receive updates to our program 






  • The Foundational Herbalism series is $450 with payment plants available.  This will include the herbs for the workshop. 


  • Payment plan available for with a $100 nonrefundable deposit to hold your spot. Contact us for information on this plan at 760.617.9171 or email everyleafspeaks.cs@gmail.com 


Required Material

You will need these items throughout the term. You will get a specific list for each class upon registration. 

  • One pint jar (16 ounce) clean with matching lid. Mason/ball jars can be purchased in the canning department of most stores. i.e. Michael's Craft Store, Walmart

  • Two quart jars (32 ounce) clean with matching lid

  • Three half pint jars (8 ounce) clean with matching lids.

  • One four ounce jar clean with matching lid

  • A cup or mug is required for each class.

  • Pen and Paper for note taking.

  • Wooden spoon or chop stick, knife, cutting board, and cloth towel.

  • 4 ounces honey, preferably organic or raw.

  • 32 ounces apple cider vinegar (organic)

  • 1 quart organic extra virgin olive oil. If you cannot get organic get extra virgin olive oil.

  • One 1.75 liter (half gallon) of 120 proof (60%) vodka or Everclear 

  • One 1.75 liter (half gallon) 100 proof (50%) vodka. It is imperative that you purchase these exact percentages of alcohol for the herbal lab hands-on portion for tincture and liniment making. You can source from Bevmo

  • 1 ounce beeswax

  • Either one of the following will be needed parchment paper, wax paper or wide mouth plastic mason/ball jar lid.

  • There is an herb list for medicine making that participants will be responsible for. List will be emailed with welcome letter


Not sure if you want to commit to an herbal series but still curious? Join us for our first class as we explore aromatic herbs, taste, herbal energetics and herbal actions while we delve into the Wonderful World of Creosote Bush. If you decide to continue with the Foundational Herbalism Series, your ticket of the single class will be applied to the total of the herbal series.


Classes are non-refundable or exchanged for future classes. 

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FIELD TRIP: Students who complete the course are invited to join for the the Native Plants Hike, where we will explore the diverse desert ecosystems, plant associations and how they relate to factors such as symbiotic relationships, soil, elevation and the desert fauna. You will meet native, medicinal and wild food flora on this hike and learn of traditional and modern uses as food and medicine of the plants. There is NO WILDCRAFTING and I encourage you to support our desert by planting your own native plants. Many can be purchased at Cactus Mart.

Space is limited. 

Contact us to learn more.