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Desert Biodiversity Field Study  

This course takes place in the spring and autumn in the Mojave Desert and Colorado Desert. Apprentices will meet and learn about desert biodiversity and the importance of supporting diversity and cultivating native flora. 





  • Basic Botanical Terms

  • Plant Identification using morphological field characteristics.

  • Identifying Ecosystems and plant associations.           

  • Plant Family Identification: We will cover the major plant families of the Mojave and Colorado Desert. This is a very useful plant identifying skill.

  • Ethnobotanical and modern uses of flora. There is no wild harvesting of the plants in this program. We focus on stewardship and introducing native flora into our landscape.  


  • Classes are small with up to six apprentices. 

  • Spring session takes place in March and April consiting of eight. field trips. 

  • There is commuting to site locations for field study where we will spend anywhere from 4 to six hours in the field. 

  • You must be willing to spend time outdoors, dress appropriately for the elements, be prepared for change in weather, purchase the study material needed to participate in the program. Each class builds on each class therefor attendance is mandatory for completion of this program.  


Due to pandemic this program is limited in size. We observe COVID guidelines and recommendations. 

For more information and an application to the field study program email

 The Team

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