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Image by Mickey Dziwulski

Native Plant Adoptions.

Save Desert Natives From The Landfill

We receive notice of development project sites that are clearing the land and often find discarded native plants within the Mojave Desert. Although our property has become a native plant refuge we are always looking for locals within the Mojave Desert who want to adopt natives plants. The plant adoption is for locals within the Morongo Basin and parts of the Coachella Valley. 


If you are interested in adopting native flora fill out the form below and include what native plants you are interested in, what part of the area you are in.We will contact you when the plants become available. 


We come across many medicinal plants that cannot be relocated or propagated. If you are local herbalist wanting medicinal flora include that information in the registration form.

You can help us by notifying us if you see any development occuring where native flora is being cleared.


Steps to help

  1. Approach the developer or property owner ask if they will be disposing or replanting the plants. 

  2. Let them know you are intrested in adopting the plants, get permission to remove. 

  3. Survey what plants are being cleared. Take photos. Shrubs like Creosote Bush, Jojoba, Desert Willow, Cats Claw, Yuccas, etc cannot survive being relocated but can be used for herbal medicine. 

  4. All cacti are can be relocated. 

  5. Pin the location on your smart phone. (mark your location) and email us the marked location. 



Everything is first come. We cannot hold plants or deliver.     


 The Team

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