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TO WILDCRAFT OR NOT TO WILDCRAFT... Interview with The Practical Herbalist.

Howie Brounstein founder of Columbines School of Botanical Studies in Eugene, Oregon and I visited with our friends of The Practical Herbalist at their studios for their podcast, Real Herbalism Radio and chatted about a wildcrafting. (WILDCRAFTING WITH HOWIE BROUNSTEIN AND CHRISTINA SANCHEZ) This is a topic that has me thinking seriously of the impact that ecosystems are inquiring as herbalism is becoming more and more popular and as this happens there are more folks wildcrafting plants. I have seen in recent times more folks with no herbal training asking me to teach them wildcrafting, don't worry I do not teach wildcrafting. Many of these folks have no knowledge of the land much less the

Chhhh chhhh Changes in Genera.

Meet Scutellaria mexicana formally Salazaria mexicana. What I am learning more about as I go in depth with botany is the changing of genera based upon genetic lab testing and the art of keying a plant is dwindling as technology advances. This can be misleading and dangerous to herbalist as many of the interchangeable medicinal plants under a genus will have new additions to their genus based upon genetic testing and many of these plants may be toxic. For example, this plant here commonly known as Paperbag Bush, Mexican Bladdersage and Bladder Sage. I will start with saying that common names are misleading and also dangerous to base a plants medicinal use because of a common name, granted thi