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The Four Humors - Galenic System

Yesterday in class at Green Wisdom Herbal Studies, we were discussing the traditional systems of Galenic Humoural, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic along with covering other modalities and traditions. One of which was my first tradition of study in herbalism was learning and rooting in the Wise Woman (WOMBYN) Tradition. We also covered other modalities like the Doctrines of Signatures, flower essences and homeopathy. I personally vibe with the Wise Woman Tradition and the scientific side of Herbalism. Reflecting on Paul Bergner’s Four Directions Model, I vibrate more on Tradition, Science and Personal Experience side. Intuition, meh, I like to know more of the plant than let “int


Salvia apiana - cleaning the chaff off of the seeds of White Sage.  Seed saving for the seed bank at the Mojave Desert Land Trust. I never understood before working with the plants and becoming an herbalist of the impact that commerce and that people have on the plants. Of course I understood the drought but how we live and act in nature has a crucial impact on the environment. Not only do folks disrupt the land but the critters are also impacted  by people’s actions in the wild. I will rant about dogs being taken in areas where they should not be. I LOATHE the dog owners who don’t mind the rules because they feel entitled to bring their four legged buddies with them in areas where it is pro

Piñon Pine - Pinus monophylla,

Piñon Pine is one of my favorite desert Tree Medicine’s (Juniper is another). Sitting under a Piñon, leaning on her trunk and feeling her healing energy has always been comforting & grounding for me. I Love gathering her resin for medicine. I infuse oil with her resin making a nice stimulating and warming, anti-microbial, anti-fungal anti-bacterial healing salve for wound care and muscle rubs for achy joints & muscles. Tinctures made of her resin to help in the healing process of cold/flu season. High in Vitamin C, immune & energy boosting When burned using a charcoal disc, the coniferous scent fills the space with fragrant & sweet pine scent that can also be uses as a natural type of lys