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Sacred White Sage - A threatened Species.

White Sage - Sacred Medicinal Plant. Salvia apiana is the botanical name for White Sage. White Sage native to the Southwestern U.S States to New Mexico is a perennial that is a member of the mint family that can grow up to 5’ In height. White Sage over the years has become increasingly popular as a sacred blessing plant. Clearing energy, house blessings, spiritual showers where one is literally bathed in the smoke of the sacred herb. Many folks do not know of the medicinal uses aside of clearing bad ju-ju. Just want to add that all salvias have medicinal qualities. Plain old culinary sage can make wonderful medicine as well. This plant is highly aromatic, being used to calm gas pains and win

Every Leaf Speaks Online Orders

Online Orders There’s a glitch with us linking the online shop to the online shopping cart. We are working on that, but in the interim I have closed the shop saying “sold out” on products. Online purchases can be ordered via Venmo with a message as to what product you want and please include name and address. Using this till I can fix things. Online orders can be purchased if you have Venmo my handle is @Every_Leaf_Speaks_ELS Sorry for the inconvenience. Also listing more to the site soon! Like Piñon Pine Resin Creosote Bush dried herb Creosote Bush Smudge Wands Yerba Santa dried herb Green Blessings is #everyleafspeaks #Desertmedicine #JoshuaTree #Ethicallywildcrafted #Herbalist #Wisewomant

Every Leaf Speaks chats with The Practical Herbalist on Real Herbalism Radio.

My story with plant medicine, my journey with the plants, ethical wildcrafting practice, desert plants and their medicine and how I incorporate plants with the beauty industry, yes the beauty industry. I’m a hairdresser of 11 years now and I’ve seen the big changes in the beauty industry with products, color and customer demands for better ingredients, sustainable practices is rising as is quality ingredients. Change is happening and plants are part of it. I’m a guest on the podcast Real Herbalism Radio which happens to be one of the podcast that helped me learn more about herbalism before I started my formal education with it at The Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education. If you are inter