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Larrea Vibrational Medicine - Creosote Bush

Earlier in the spring I gathered flowers to make more flower essence with these beautiful tiny flowers from Larrea tridentata - Creosote Bush, an ubiquitous shrub native to the Mojave Desert where I call home. Larrea has been used medicinally for ages, I consider this plant to be ancient medicine, Having been carbon dated back to the last ice age (11,700+ years ago). I gathered her flowers the moment I saw them pop while they were vibrating at their peak after a good down pour. Larrea flower essence vibrational medicine has been used in aiding of the release of toxicity, facing fears, processing through post traumatic experiences and clearing the internal closets of the stagnancy & the waste

Friends at The Border Asylum Seekers Donation

Calling allies for the Asylum Seekers, our Friends at The Border who are in need. Low Desert & Hi-Desert folks we are accepting donations of the below needed items. ONLY CLEAN items please. Allies looking to help please see this link. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LAo0XG2ldElxlG-8rSXjqqHBfcNRbzchIDFwMrD5COQ/mobilebasic Also needed herbal donations for pop up first aid clinics. If you are an herbalist or own a herb shop please see below list of needed items. We do not need kitchen items, handbags, furniture, toys. NEEDED ITEMS • Clean Warm clothing for women, children, babies and men, jackets sweaters etc • Clean blankets, sleeping bags, tent • first aid items ie. packaged gauze, band-a

Chaga, the increase in popularity and the impact.

I’m seeing a lot of Chaga based recipes online, shared in forums and groups. Folks having gatherings featuring Chaga Chai and ceremonies and I thought I would write this entry and share an article written by Robert Rogers for the United Plant Savers. An acting member of the American Herbalist Guild. I will paste the article and include the link and more information on Robert Rogers at the bottom. I am not going to write about Chaga - Inonotus obliquus medicinal as I am on the lust of this fungi and the impact of plant / fungi lust has on the community of fungi and plant kingdom. If you are working with plants Or fungi and want to learn about those on the Species at Risk. Visit United Plant S


THE PLANTS CAN’T SPEAK, SO WE HAVE TO BE THEIR VOICE & STEWARDS. I’ve seen recent post exposing Pinrose Scents for selling their “witch starter kit” which included a White Sage wand saying that White Sage is “threatened” it is not listed as a threatened species on the USDA list but it is on the “to watch list” on United Plant Savers list. Even if it’s “to watch” we should not endorse companies or people wildcrafting this plant. I was recently interviewed on Idyllic Land Podcast and White Sage was one of the topics we discussed. I will post link on the bottom. I also know I’m gonna ruffle feathers and create waves of friends and supporters of Hall Newbigan owner of Juniper Ridge but that’s Ok

Meet a medicinal desert native, Brittlebush.

Encelia farinosa also known as Brittlebush, Incienso and Yerba del Vaso. This will be one of the medicinal plants that folks will meet on the Desert Medicine Plant ID Hike on December 9th @ Big Morongo Canyon Preserve. Visit my website for my events calendar. www.everyleafspeaks.com I love this plant, I love her vibrant yellow flowers, I love how she grows off steep cliffs and dresses the foothills with her golden glow. Her flowering months are in spring. The leaves and resin are used in medicinal preparations. I’ve experimented with the flowers & leaves for topical oil for arthritic pain triggered by cold, damp weather for my mother. Topically and internally the plant can be an ally for ar


ECO-WARRIORS - DESERT DEFENDERS, Come for this JTree Cleanup Meet and Greet this Saturday, November 10th from 5pm -8pm in 29 Palms. It's a potluck so bring something to share. Come meet the crew behind Climbers Collective. We are a collective of local climbers from the Joshua Tree area who have brought together this non profit in effort to help Joshua Tree National Park, we have partnered with the park service to host a cleanup, maintenance, and restoration event that will take place on January 4 -6. 2019. Our goal is to provide needed labor for the park service and convey the importance of taking care of climbing areas and other recreational lands to participants. We are hosting a meet


I was recently a guest on The Practical Herbalist - Real Herbalism Radio well, we recorded this over summer when I was in Eugene, OR. I visited The Practical Herbalist studio and chatted about the project i worked on with the folks at Joshua Tree Brewery. We collaborated on a desert inspired beer. (click here to listen to the interview) Just to be clear, I am not a beer expert. I was asked by the folks of Joshua Tree Brewery to collaborate with them to make a beer using plants native to the Mojave. I may not know beer but I do know what herbs complement each other keeping in mind the taste and energetics of the plants. I came up with the recipe, ethically wildcrafted and sourced the herbs, t

Boost and Support the Immune, Respiratory System with plant medicine and Desert Fire Cider

How do you prepare for cold, flu and allergy season? Some load up on vitamin c In upping their dosage of vitamin C, taking emergenC, eating more oranges, but have you heard of Fire Cider? Fire cider is a traditional immune supporting remedy incorporating zesty and spicy ingredients from our spice cabinets and vegetable bins. Herbalist Rosemary Gladstar created this herbal recipe over 30 years ago and over the years there has been many different versions of Fire Cider. Adding herbs that can strengthen, enhance the immune system while everyone around us are getting ill and at the first sign of coming down with “something”. I’ve personally found taking a shot of fire cider (mine is Desert Fire