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Refreshing ROSE DIY Toner

Rose Rosa spp has been a plant that I overlooked and disregarded for years. Growing up I always preferred sunflowers and other asteraceae's than Roses. It was not until I went through some difficult changes in my world that I discovered the medicine of Rose which had me reading and researching more about Rose that soon changed my views of this plant. I began to explore with Rose making electuaries, syrups, glcyerites, infusing oil and vinegar, cooking with Rose, making body butter and other skincare like Rose Toner. I know some folks who can't stand the smell of Roses, I know there are some gross smelling perfumes out there that over-do it with the chemically fake smell of Rose which does th

Trillium ovatum, a conifer forest beauty.

I have been expanding my studies for a third year and this time I am focused on the study of field botany as I expand with herbalism. Being in a new area to me is a big change for this born and raised Southern California gal from the Sonoran Desert. One thing that comforts me during this transition as I study are the plants and all of the plant and fungi events happening up here. The PNW is just too damn damp for me, luckily it has been warmer than usual and sunny but when we are in the field in the understory of the conifers woods where it is dark, damp and cold when we are keying out plants and in lecture, I just miss my sunny warm and dry desert back home. You can bet I am working with a