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Guess what this tasty carminative is? This plant is Fennel, her fragrant blooms have that licorice p

This beautiful plant grows to be soooo tall and has beautiful umbrella like blooms in which the fruit (seeds) of this plant lay and offers much medicine. The root is what we normally find and the candied covered seeds in Indian restaurants are commonly given after a meal to stimulate the digestive system & curb bad breath. This plant is an ally to new nursing mothers to help increase milk production known as a #galactalogue Colicky babies get relief from Fennel. Easing the pains of colic. It's transferred via the breast milk so mama increase your fennel intake! 👶 (tea recipe below) Fennel is an antispasmodic & relaxes the smooth muscle lining. It's a carminative herb meaning it will expel w

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Welcome to my site. More to come soon! #everyLeafspeaks #herbalist #joshuatree #Wildcrafted #Desertmedicine