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Chasing Spring, field botany studies in the Sonoran.

In early March pre-covidpocalypse I joined a group of Columbines School of Botanical Studies alumni for the Chasing Spring botanical field studies in the Sonoran Desert in Southwestern Arizona and into Mexico. It was an adventure from desert monsoon rain like storms, flash floods, to being off grid away from everyone aside of each other. I was familiar with many of the flora as there were many that occur in the Mojave Desert where I live and the Colorado Desert (a sub-section of the Sonoran Desert) where I was raised and explore much of the flora there being so close to to home. We keyed out many cacti including columnar cacti Stenocereus thurberi commonly known as Organ Pipe and we keyed

Baking with Teff

A couple of years ago I noticed that I would have painful joint inflammation days after eating gluten, it was the kind of pain that nothing helped, applying warming herbal infused oils to my joints would help some but there was still a shadow aching pain, I tried CBD joint rubs, to using band-aids like Kratom for the pain to anti-inflammatory herbs like Willow, Turmeric and many others though it somewhat helped, I still had pain that would lead me to taking Ibuprofen. Both my mother and my father have rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease that inflammation is easily triggered when eating inflammatory foods, wheat being one of them. I have never been diagnosed nor am I self diagnosing b