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Joshua Trees Need Our Help!

Joshua Tree is a rad place, with all its beauty the High Desert draws many tourist, some I feel need to stay in their concrete jungles and stay out of nature. I was sent a link to DOLLKLAW's Instagram account showing her and friend boasting about their post Desert Daze RR whilst lounging in hammocks that were fixed to Joshua Trees sipping on beer. Many of us locals sent DollKlaw comments and messages notifying her that Joshua Trees are a threatened species and acts like these can cause the plant to break causing injury, uprooting  resulting in killing this protected iconic desert staple. Dollklaw has too much pride to pull the video/photo down and has deleted comments, ignored pleas and bloc

Adaptogens for dessert. Gluten free Chaga Masala  Crumble Cake

Who doesn't love a coffee cake? Especially as the cooler months are upon us, the idea of sipping on a cup of coffee and nibbling on coffee cake at any time of the day sounds lovely! I wanted to experiment with baking, I have always been the one to over or under bake any type of cake, bread, cookies, pies etc. So I don't pride myself on baking, cooking is another thing but I've never had that thing like my friends do, blowing my mind with some of their creations. So I'm stoked that my first ever made from scratch was a hit and my friends loved it! I chose to use a decoction of Chaga (the most powerful member of the mycelium kingdom) and make my own Chaga Masala adding other herbs like licoric

Butterfly Blue Pea Cosmic Goddess

One would have to check out how beautiful this plant is when making a cup of tea or an infusion. So vibrant and lovely this is Butterfly Blue🦋 a plant that I was introduced to during my apprenticeship with The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education.  One of my clients/friends recently returned from Thailand bringing me gifts of Butterfly Pea. The botanical name is Clitoria Ternate. Native in South East Asia and India her beautiful flowers are harvested to dye foods, infused to create exotic beverages, worked with medicinally and drank as a tonic. . What lends off this blue pigment is the anthocyanin found in the plant. She's the only known naturally pigmented blue food. Her beautiful

Autumn in a Cup

Autumn is here, the season when we bring out our sweaters, back in jeans, tights, layers, warming drinks and foods. Inspired by the seasons tones and smells I decided to indulge my morning ritual by adding All Spice and grated Nutmeg. To save on the costly lattes I opt to make my own version of a latte and save myself $5 a day! I was turned onto adding coconut oil to my coffee a while back which has helped me cut my once upon a time drinking nearly a pot of coffee a day to having 2 cups maybe 2.5 cups a day. The energy I get from adding the coconut oil has helped curb that need to drink a pot. By adding coconut oil and I also add a non dairy milk my favorite is Pacific Oat Milk  It's simpl