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Joshua Trees Need Our Help!

Joshua Tree is a rad place, with all its beauty the High Desert draws many tourist, some I feel need to stay in their concrete jungles and stay out of nature. 

I was sent a link to DOLLKLAW's Instagram account showing her and friend boasting about their post Desert Daze RR whilst lounging in hammocks that were fixed to Joshua Trees sipping on beer. Many of us locals sent DollKlaw comments and messages notifying her that Joshua Trees are a threatened species and acts like these can cause the plant to break causing injury, uprooting  resulting in killing this protected iconic desert staple. 

Dollklaw has too much pride to pull the video/photo down and has deleted comments, ignored pleas and blocked folks who are trying to educate her about our delicate ecosystem. 

Perhaps she was unaware that the Joshua Tree is a threatened species and is protected. Perhaps she was unaware that her post would anger many desert locals. Joshua Tree National Park has been notified and they are on it now as well. It seems that her ignorance and pride is what is preventing her from deleting her post. She wants to appear to her fan base that she is SOOOO COOOOOOL and doesn't care that she is encouraging behavior like this. I am sick of folks who come to the desert or anywhere in Mother Nature and do things that can harm the environment.

There are not enough resources to educate every visitor that comes into the Joshua Tree National Park or by the way the Joshua Tree is protected outside the park boundaries as well. So more of us need to step up and help out. Call out these people who are boasting and destroying our land. Folks like Naturetroller on Instagram are great about calling out offenders like Dollklaw.  

FACTS about Joshua Tree, she is not  a tree. In fact the Joshua Tree - Yucca brevifolia is a member of the Yucca family and is actually a succulent that can grow up to 40 feet high and live for 200 years. With climate change and the previous years of drought the Joshua Trees are delicate. Having a shallow root system making it very easy for it to be uprooted resulting in killing this desert staple. The Joshua Tree is home for numerous birds, mammals, insects, and lizards. She is a thriving plant that needs more folks to help protect and respect her. 


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