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There are links in this post to scientific based information on why the Western Joshua Tree is in need of state level protection. Please visit and read the links as you will get more in depth information to the threats to the plant like, habitat loss due to urban development, climate change, prolonged droughts and fire. For those folks who referred to the United Plant Savers website to see if the plant was listed on the AT-RISK list and noticed that Western Joshua Tree is not listed, United Plant Savers is dedicated to medicinal plant conservation, being that Joshua Trees are not used in medicine due to the limited current "protection" on the plant UpS does not have them on their radar. If y

ACT NOW, Help Protect the Mojave Desert Icon JOSHUA TREE Yucca brevifolia! Deadline June 19, 2020

If you have ever visited the Mojave Desert, you were greeted with the Dr. Seuss like memorable Joshua Tree with it's erect stem and it's branched densely cover of sharply pointed leaves, no one leaves the Mojave Desert without having seeing this plant endemic to the Mojave Desert. Travelers from all over the globe come to see this arid dwelling icon but many are unaware of its status and the concern of saving the plant. Please take a moment in reading on how you can help us protect the Joshua Tree, deadline in June 19, 2020 and ANYONE can help. You do not have to live in the Mojave or be a California resident. Originally the deadline for signatures and emails was set for June 13, 2020 but it