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Joshua Tree the Protected Plant Species.

Season of tourism has returned here in the High Desert. Sadly many tourist acting like “this land is your land, this land is my land” means that they can have disregard to the delicate ecosystem of the Mojave Desert. Tourist acting like a bunch of entitled brats who come here not considering the true inhabitants which are the flora and fauna and why our actions can impact the ecosystem. LEAVE NO TRACE ethics are poor amongst many visitors. for most, they have never been outdoors and haven’t a clue on outdoor ethics having only a concrete jungle experience. Lack of knowledge can lead to the impact the land and its inhabitants. In general it is wise to do research whenever going into any out


The evening before the cleanup we expericed the most intense of storms in a long while here in the desert. I had problems trying to get down from the High Desert to the Low Desert for the cleanup. Roads were filled with 5’ + of mud, vehicles stuvk in mud and folks needing help was the situation here where I live In Joshua Tree. I didn’t let that stop me, I made it down the hill and so did another family who’s farm critters had to be safely removed from the mud and taken to dry off their hoofs. The two images of the cars in mud were taken by my friend Todd Gordon. Thanks to these Desert Defenders who came out or donated towards the Whitewater River Desert Cleanup III. This marked the 3rd year

Whitewater River Desert Cleanup

Whitewater is a special place to me. I have been coming to Whitewater since I was a child my family used to bring us up into this area where we would spend hot summer desert days dwelling in a river in the Sonoran Desert. Over the years this location has seen more traffic more and more people are coming out here that don’t live in the nearby areas there is an increasing amount of trash being left behind. Three years ago a friend and I randomly decided to come out with trash bags and we hauled out all the trash bags that we brought with us including broken fold up chairs, broken umbrellas and pop up canopies. Last year a group of 25+ join together to clean up Whitewater. Just to clarify this