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Hard Water Wreaks Havoc On Hair.

This is not a plant based post and it’s a post I shared on my instagram feed last month after discovering this vegan hard Water remover by MalibuC HARD WATER SUCKS the life out of our hair and skin! Hard water is the culprit for scalp & hair build up that causes hair to be lifeless, color fading, feeling like a Brillo pad, increased dryness, frizzy hair, dry scalp, dandruff, worsening cases of psoriasis & eczema, irritated skin/scalp, itchy skin/scalp. Dry flaky skin that looks ashy. Hair is difficult to style, lacking bounce & shine. Blonde and lighter tones of hair will even turn brassy even a tint of green in some bad cases. REGARDLESS if you are using sulfate free shampoos, organic p


Sea Salt Spray can do wonders for our locks. I like using them for not only texture but for adding volume especially for folks with fine - thin hair, absorbing excess oil on hair, for areas where humidity is an issue, adding a little texture spray will help hair have a bit more resistance to humidity, keeping texture rather than having lifeless locks. In case you didn’t know, I’m also a hairdresser ( Christina Sanchez Hair Design  ) who has worked with a variety of products out in the market. I realized a lot of this stuff I can create using plant based gifts from Gaia and teach my clients and friends how to make their own skincare - haircare products. My favorite salt spray is by Davine