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Sea Salt Spray can do wonders for our locks. I like using them for not only texture but for adding volume especially for folks with fine - thin hair, absorbing excess oil on hair, for areas where humidity is an issue, adding a little texture spray will help hair have a bit more resistance to humidity, keeping texture rather than having lifeless locks. In case you didn’t know, I’m also a hairdresser ( Christina Sanchez Hair Design  ) who has worked with a variety of products out in the market. I realized a lot of this stuff I can create using plant based gifts from Gaia and teach my clients and friends how to make their own skincare - haircare products. My favorite salt spray is by Davines,  This Is A Sea Salt Spray  it’s also $28 though I get it at a reduced cost, it still adds up. In the end the cost to make your own will run around $18 and this is if you don’t have the ingredients. Now $18 might sound like a lot but you’re making small batches of this texture spray which will leave you with enough ingredients to create more in the future or use for other uses. Most of us already have these ingredients in our cupboards. HAIR SURF TEXTURE SPRAY • 1 cup warm distilled water • 1 tbs sea salt • 1 tbs epsom salt • 1 tsp coconut oil • 1 tsp aloe vera gel • 4 - 8 drops of an essential oil of your choice. Just avoid using citrus and more info below. • 1 tsp (your choice) Rosemary oil, Vitamin E oil or Creosote Bush Oil (antioxidant rich natural preservatives good for extending shelf life, ideal for folks with thick, wavy - curly hair that tends to be on the dehydrated side. • 1 tsp of alcohol like vodka, gin will extend shelf life and will help absorb oil for folks with oily hair to fine - thin hair. In a saucepan bring distilled water to a simmer and turn off. Then adding salts, coconut oil & aloe vera gel and whisk to dissolve. Let cool before bottling in a cobalt or amber glass spray bottle. This batch will keep for about a week or two. To extend shelf life you can add a natural preservative like alcohol or vitamin e oil, rosemary oil, Creosote Bush oil. Alcohol is an astringent that I opted to leave out because having curly - moisture seeking locks adding yet another astringent to my texture spray causes my hair to be even more so dry. If I am considering extending the shelf life, I will use an antioxidant rich oil like using 1 tsp of Creosote Bush oil or Rosemary Oil or Vitamin E oil. I would suggest using alcohol for folks with oily hair or locks that are thin/fine. In fact if you have thin/fine hair using alcohol would be a better preservative as you don’t want to weigh hair down. I typically keep my “Hair Surf Texture Spray” in the fridge to help extend the shelf life & I opt for distilled water because it doesn’t have harsh minerals & has a bit longer of a shelf life. The coconut oil is optional, but it helps control frizz & fly-a-ways. I wouldn’t say it’s a strong anti-humectant, but will help with toning down wild frizzy locks. It will also prevent hair from becoming dry. Ideal for folks with thick, wavy - curly hair and for locks that tend to need a bit more hydration. The aloe vera gel adds a soft flexible hold and will not weigh hair down. Essential oils are also optional for fragrance. I would avoid using citrus EO in your spray unless you are wanting to lighten your hair. If so you can add your citrus EO (essential oil) of choice. If you want to lighten locks or darken you can make a tea using herbs but remember to use distilled water. Chamomile tea will help brighten blondes and to bring life back to dull dark locks and bring enrichen darker tones a tea made using Nettle Urtica dioica or black tea will help. When using herbs for skincare or haircare products, I make infusions or a strong tea. 

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