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BATTLE of the FIRE CIDER TRADEMARK. Recipe included!

Today marks a very important day in the herbal community as it is the day that herbalist are fighting back to FREE the tradition of Fire Cider from being trademarked by Shire City Herbals. So in solidarity with the FREE FIRE CIDER movement, make your own batch or if you have some already made, pour yourself a shot and send the ladies fighting back good vibes! Fire Cider is the delicious spicy concoction of spicy herbs and vegetables that infuses in a bath of apple cider vinegar and honey for four weeks, I let mine sit a week or two longer. It is taken as a tonic during cold, flu and allergy time for preventive and for treating one when when sick. A herbal remedy founded thirty five years ag


You don't need to live by the ocean to get yourself salt water to create a Sea Salt Spray. You also do not need to spend $20+ on a bottle either. I roll my eyes at things that are so easy to recreate and I want to share it with folks. Product companies add chemicals to their products to either extend shelf life or to make the hair look a certain way like SILICONES. Not to mentions there is all sorts of other gross things that go into products. I have been a hairdresser for nearly fourteen years and in those years I have seen so much in the industry, call me "woken" but I find myself researching more cleaner and purer ways of products and I am more likely to tell a guest in my chair of natur