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White Sage, Shifting the Demand.

I recently wrote about White Sage Salvia apiana, "Juniper Ridge and White Sage". I wont repeat what I wrote you can click the link to read about that. There has been a big effort amongst many Indigenous First People, fellow herbalist, naturalist and botanist to get a big leader in the White Sage industry (sad that there is an actual industry for that) to stop wildcrafting and go 100% cultivated and to switch to using plants that are not on the "to watch list" on the United Plant Savers list. We have been urging wildcrafters to source plants that are in abundance and stop the exploitation of White Sage. More importantly was the issue of the exploitation of not only the plant but as well as In

Desert Medicinal Flora

Eriodictyon trichocalyx - Yerba Santa member of the Borage family (Boraginacea). There are three Eridodictyon species in California. E. californicum found in Northern Californi, in Southern California in mid elevation and can be found in Southern Oregon. E. angustifolium is found in Utah, Arizon, Nevada and Southern East parts of California. E. trichocalyx is also found in Southern California. The one I am discussing is the E. trichocalyx species. This species is a woody shrub that can grow from 2-9 feet tall with dark green sticky leathery leaves covered with resin which reflects the sun rays and retains its water. The top part of the leaf is shiny while the underside is silvery to white lo