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Hard Water Wreaks Havoc On Hair.

This is not a plant based post and it’s a post I shared on my instagram feed last month after discovering this vegan hard Water remover by MalibuC

HARD WATER SUCKS the life out of our hair and skin! Hard water is the culprit for scalp & hair build up that causes hair to be lifeless, color fading, feeling like a Brillo pad, increased dryness, frizzy hair, dry scalp, dandruff, worsening cases of psoriasis & eczema, irritated skin/scalp, itchy skin/scalp. Dry flaky skin that looks ashy. Hair is difficult to style, lacking bounce & shine. Blonde and lighter tones of hair will even turn brassy even a tint of green in some bad cases. REGARDLESS if you are using sulfate free shampoos, organic plant based stuff. You can throw money on shampoos/conditioners & hair mask but if your water is filled with minerals - HARD water, unless those products remove hard water build up, your hair will not respond. I recently installed a new shower filter that filters harsh minerals & softens water because my hair felt like straw & looked like i had a head of Dodder, the curls lacked consistent shape, shine and the frizz was out of control. I always try new products out on myself did the Malibu C Pro Hard Water remover treatment. I have to test out products before I offer them to my clients, not always amused by the gimmicks of product companies or the outcome BUT I am 100% STOKED on the Malibu C Hard Water remover treatment. My hair has not lathered up as much because of the build up of the minerals on my hair. My hair hasn’t felt as soft or clean in a while either. I am now offering the Malibu C Hard Water treatments which are Ideal to do before a color service, Malibu C Hard Water remover will wash them minerals away leaving a blank canvas for color, color will not fade as fast either. Ive also done a lot of research on filters for the shower and found that Aqua Home Products  not only filter out harsh minerals but also soften the water. Link below to this filter. It’s easy to install, comes with an extra filter which each filter has a life of 6 months or 12,000 gallons of water. I suggest scheduling an alert in your calendar when it’s time to switch out at the 6 month mark. I’ve been offering the Hard Water Remover treatment to clients when working in the salon which includes a scalp analyses, scalp brushing and invigorating cranial massage. . Schedule your appointment 760.617.9171 Christina Sanchez Hair Design

Malibu C Hard Water treatment will remove brassy build up, restore shine, volume and remove the harsh minerals leaving hair HAPPY! Also Malibu C is a 100% vegan and cruelty free! But even with a treatment it’s a good thing to install a filter which will help extend the life of the treatments done on the hair.  

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