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Butterfly Blue Pea Cosmic Goddess

One would have to check out how beautiful this plant is when making a cup of tea or an infusion. So vibrant and lovely this is Butterfly Blue🦋 a plant that I was introduced to during my apprenticeship with The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education.  One of my clients/friends recently returned from Thailand bringing me gifts of Butterfly Pea. The botanical name is Clitoria Ternate. Native in South East Asia and India her beautiful flowers are harvested to dye foods, infused to create exotic beverages, worked with medicinally and drank as a tonic. . What lends off this blue pigment is the anthocyanin found in the plant. She's the only known naturally pigmented blue food. Her beautiful fresh flowers resemble the sacred yoni. 

Loaded with antioxidants, compounds like proanthocyanidins (higher antioxidant found in Butterfly Blue Pea than in Vitamin C & E) that bond to collagen helping fight premature aging with anti-aging properties that increase elasticity, promoting youthful healthy skin.  strengthening to the 💜heart💜 this plant is also a heart tonic - improving blood circulation that will strengthen the arteries and capillaries. Improving eyesight . Brain tonic she's taken to enhance memory. Tonic to the nerves, this plant is alli to ease frazzled nerves. Anti-depressant properties

Immune boosting Improving flexibility in joints, she is also used for her anti-inflammatory and her analgesic (pain relieving) properties.  As a beautifying tonic WOMBYN have drank the tea to for strengthening the hair, increasing thickness, enriching the dark tones and growth.  I have been making infusions with Butterfly 🦋 Pea and taking the spent herb and making a re-brew for an experiment! Current experiment project is I'm dying a lace table runner that I use on my altar with the re-brew of the spent herbs I've been saving after each infusion is made. Like indigo dying just with Butterfly 🦋Pea. 

I've also started to experiment cooking with this beauty. I've seen recipes online and decided to try something of my own. 

Infusing half a cup of goat milk yogurt (you can infuse any yogurt of choice) by adding a few flowers and stirring till it picks up the color of Butterfly Blue Pea. I topped the Muesli Stack experiment off. 

Adding layers like a parfait I mixed muesli and a gorp I had made for when I was backpacking on the John Muir Trail this fall. Layering with Butterfly Blue Pea flowers (dried and yes they are edible) and goat milk yogurt drizzled each layer with a desert local honey and kept building my Muesli Stack adding to it a Piñon Pine cone syrup I made using Piñon pine cones I recently harvested and brown sugar. That will be another post soon. 

Continuing to build my stack I added Elderberry Syrup I made in between the layers of the muesli and yogurt. This is a yummy tasty medicinal nourishing dessert that exudes a bit of the High Desert married with floral notes from Thailand. 🦋💙

Butterfly Blue Pea flower petals added to the yogurt. Eat the flowers they are sooo sooo good.. 

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