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Sacred White Sage - A threatened Species.

White Sage - Sacred Medicinal Plant.

Salvia apiana is the botanical name for White Sage. White Sage native to the Southwestern U.S States to New Mexico is a perennial that is a member of the mint family that can grow up to 5’ In height. White Sage over the years has become increasingly popular as a sacred blessing plant. Clearing energy, house blessings, spiritual showers where one is literally bathed in the smoke of the sacred herb. Many folks do not know of the medicinal uses aside of clearing bad ju-ju. Just want to add that all salvias have medicinal qualities. Plain old culinary sage can make wonderful medicine as well.

This plant is highly aromatic, being used to calm gas pains and wind (carminative) all sages in fact will help calm gas pains & flatulence, garden sage can be effective as well.

Her medicine is an ally to WOMBYN. Those who are entering the next phase of wombyanhood, perimenopause & menopause. Those experiencing night sweats & hot flashes can find relief in drinking a cup of tea at room temparure or tincture. (of any sage) Aliving heavy menstration, mama’s wanting to haunt the production of breast milk after the child has been weened, drinking Infusions of White Sage will help stop the production of milk flow.

She has been used to break dry fevers being a diaphoretic this plant will induce sweating. Drinking a cup of hot tea will help help induce sweating. Inhaling the steam from a cup of tea, infusion or the steam from the pot will help soothe sore throats, strep throats, pharyngitis and tonsillitis.

Used in salves or poultices to help in pain relief and burns.

Improving brain function and memory.

This medicinal herbal ally goes far beyond being used to clear out stagnancy, bad vibes & clearing space after there has been an argument, illness or death. Yet burning white sage is also medicinal. The antibacterial properties of White Sage dried leaves when burned can reduce the amount of germs in a household during cold and flu season. Smudging the room of a person with a cold or the flu can help cleanse and promote healing.

I took a hike Thursday to an area that I gathered Elderflowers & Elderberries in the late spring and summer. I came to visit the trees that are now barren and I ended hiking up a hill dressed with the fragrant White Sage. I don’t encourage folks to forage these beauties because they are a threatened species.

There’s been areas that have been overly wildcrafted by folks for making smudge wands. I encourage folks buying White Sage smudge wands to ask the seller where the white sage was sourced and purchasing from shops who support the folks who grow this plant for this purpose.

Ethical wildcrafting and knowing the status of the flora by doing research will help keep these beauties and others in existence. Purchasing the seeds or a plant is another sustainable way to support this plant.

Cactus Mart In Morongo Valley (the best plant store in the Hi-Desert) carries White Sage and other desert medicinal native plants if you ever considered growing your own. They have a huge selection of other plants as well. You can always spot this amazing nursery that offers a bit of everything from local craft makers, herbal remedies, art, books, crystals and more by the “DIG YOUR OWN CACTUS 59¢” sign out along Highway 62 on the way up to Joshu Tree.

Green Blessings.

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