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When folks think of the desert, most think of a what a barren and dry place. Well dry it is but barren it is not. I have been studying and working with the plants of the Mojave Desert and other deserts like the Colorado - Sonoran learning of the medicine that these plants offer. I’m amazed at how resilient the plants are here. They are strong in dealing with the extreme elements. So they Medicine they offer is to me some powerful stuff. I’ve been making herbal remedies, experimenting in various of ways to make medicine and want to share some of the ways I’ve found working with the plants useful and incorporating them in my daily routine of SELF CARE. Which brings up these two workshops I am offering in June and July. 

SELF CARE MEDICINE MAKING WORKSHOP is on June 30th in Joshua Tree. I’ll be showing folks how to make an electuary which is powdered herbs and honey, simple easy and fun to make. It’s a great way to take plant medicine. It’s quicker than making a tea. Easy to travel with for when on the road and feeling under the weather.  I’m on the road a lot and have found it much easier to take a cup of hot water and adding a tablespoon on an electuary to make an instant cup of medicinal tea while on the go. So I’ll be sharing an herbal remedy that has been my ally for clearing congestion, clearing goopy lungs, soothing a sore throat, opening the nasal passageways and ridding a fever. This workshop will include Desert flora and non native green allies.  I’ll also be showing folks how to make a liniment using desert plants. A herbal preparation made like a tincture except you can use solvents like ethyl alcohol, vinegar, denatured rubbing alcohol. I encourage folks not to use rubbing alcohol because you don’t want to accidentally take internally. So labeling with a skull and bones in red ink would be more suitable. Anyhow, liniments are meant to be applied externally for wound care, disinfecting cuts, scrapes and wounds, soothing sprains, muscle aches, soothing sun burns to minor burns, drawing and bringing abscess like stubborn pimple to a head, and drying out an area (astringent) Needed materials are listed in the event. RSVP by pre-registration and pre-payment. Payment info is listed in the event as well. Space is limited secure your spot. Also July 1st join another workshop SELF CARE BEAUTY WITH DESERT ALLIES on this workshop I will be showing folks how to make an organic plant based sunscreen. Seems like today’s market of sunscreens are loaded with skin irritating, toxic ingredients which names are hard to pronounce. So, I’ll be sharing one of my sunscreen formulas along with demoing how to make a plant based facial toner geared towards ones skin type and skin conditions. In both workshops we will be using native plants to the Mojave Desert that I’ve foraged and adding in other non native green allies.  Space is limited to the workshops. To secure your space please visit link with detailed info on how to pay via Venmo or PayPal. Purchase both classes together and get $5 off. A list of materials needed for both workshops is listed in the links below 



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