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Desert Medicine Plant ID Hike

Join me this Saturday, June 16th at 5pm at the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve in Morongo Valley for a sunset stroll in this amazing and diverse preserve for the Desert Medicine Plant ID Hike . Proceeds of the plant hike will be going to the GoFundMe for Jim McDonald’s recovery . If you can’t make it, please consider donating anything to help Jim & his family. More in this link https://www.gofundme.com/jim-mcdonald039s-recovery 

Looking at the above photo you wouldn’t think that this is in the desert. The partially paved trail established by local botanist Robin Kobaly is in an area of the high desert that is so diverse. It’s a wetland that when roaming along you feel as if you’re in some tropical land. Folks are worried about the hike being in summer, well if your unfamiliar with the high desert, we are always cooler than the low desert cities like Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage by 10*-15*, Most of this trek is shaded with Mesquite and towering Cottonwoods, some of its exposed but it’s cooler  in the evening.  

I will be showing folks the medicinal plants that are native to the desert, many folks that live here are not even aware of all the medicine that is outside their doors. I’ll discuss some medicinal uses, tradional uses and some of my own experiences working with the plants. 

A few things, PROTECT your feet - closed  toed shoes required. Some folks asked about bringing their dogs, the Preserve doesn’t allow dogs. Bring proper attire & plenty of water. I suggest at least a liter of water or a camelback. Children are welcomed to join. Bring a CUP/MUG for an herbal infusion I will be making and sharing with y’all of one of the plants I will be introducing you to. 

Anemposis is in flower, Larrea is covered with her furry fruit, the Honey Mesquite is covered in her fuzzy racemes, Chilopsis flowers are luring with her sweet nectar and we have a small patch of Native Nettle with some happy large leaves! There’s so much more. Someone asked about wildcrafting. I’ll touch on about ethically wildcrafting but there will be no wildcrafting. 


June 30th in Joshua Tree - Self Care Medicine Making Workshop incorporating native flora to the Mojave Desert. $40 July 1st - In Joshua Tree - Self Care Beauty with Desert Allies $45 Get the bundle class package for $5OFF + Desert Medicine Plant ID Hike is FREE. . 

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