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I can’t believe the class is SOLD OUT!! I am over the moon filled with excitement to see that so many folks are interested in Herbal Medicine and I am thrilled to share that the medicine of the plants is PEOPLES MEDICINE🌿Taking our health and wellness into our hands in the roots of the Wise WOMBYN Tradition & in the roots of our ancestors, before there was a healthcare system there were medicine WOMBYN and MEN.

Thank you to all who pre-registered for the Desert Fire Cider hands-on workshop this Saturday 2.3.18 at Cactus Mart. if y’all are wondering what makes this a “Desert” Fire Cider, well I am ethically wildcrafting medicinal native plants to the Mojave Desert for the class. There is so much medicine in this what seems bleak and baron desert. The Natives Americans and Mexican culture have used these plants medicinally for hundreds of years and my exploration and working with them has opened my eyes, heart and has been allies for me on both a physical and a spiritual level. Many folks could not make this class so I’m considering possibly another in the future or a different herbal medicine workshop. Folks attending please don’t forget to bring • a sharp knife 

• 8oz jar of Organic Honey (local is ideal) 

• a cup (coffee cup) 

• pen & paper. We will start the workshop with a short plant meditation with a local native desert ally. Looking forward to seeing y’all there! Green Desert Blessings 

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