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Fake spring brought early Stellaria media - Chickweed.

Yesterday’s harvest of Chickweed - Stellaria media! OH MY GODDESS! Have you ever tried Chickweed? I’ve had it in dry form before which WAS WRONG. Chickweed is a lovely ally that needs to be made fresh or consumed fresh.

Julie James of Green Wisdom Herbal Studies. Garden day in class. My first year of apprenticeship in her clinical A Traditional Western Herbalism program. My second year of herbal studies. 

This moistening - cooling demulcent herb is soothing to any heat and inflamed conditions. Can be used externally as a poultice or a tincture can be applied for minor burns, drawing splinters, skin irritation with inflammation. You may not want to apply tincture on an open wound or cut... OUCH! Helps in the healing of wounds as well. Other medicine making ideas is as a liniment!  Known to many as the “weight loss” herb, really she’s a diuretic (makes you pee a lot) so it’s actions is not so much as fat burning as it is as helping loose excess water weight. Good for someone with edema, the excess water retained and bloating around our moon time (menstrual cycle) Because of how moist this plant is, she is extremely good for constipation when made from fresh plant in a tea form. 

I always travel ready with solvents, scale, jars and other tools for medicine making! Roadside Apothecary 

I will be offering small batches of Chickweed Oxymel & for those who do not want honey I made a Acetum (sans honey) private message me if you are interested in this spring tonic! Follow on Instagram @ Everyleafspeaks & Facebook @ Every Leaf Speaks for more medicine making and classes. I will be teaching a medicine making class March 24th & 25th. A Desert Medicine plant ID hike on March 24th. Medicine making in Joshua Tree on March 25th. Stay tuned I will be posting more information on classes location and such on my Instagram & Facebook and of course here! 

As soon as I got home last night from class on our Garden Day at the Growing Experience Urban Farm in Long Beach, i began to finish making the medicine that I started roadside in Long Beach. To open the cellular walls of the plant, I put the Chickweed & my menstruum which was ACV in the blender and blended it all up. Adding other solvents at the end. I also made A Yerba Santa oxymel which I am so excited to taste! I absolutely love Yerba Santa. I wildcrafted Yerba Santa recently, allowed it to dry and grounded up once again to open the cellular walls. I will be offering samples of the Yerba Santa oxymel that I will be preparing in a shrub at next months hands on medicine making class 

Green Blessings 

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