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Lunar Eclipse Herbal Body Butter

I know that I’m three days late in writing about the Lunar Eclipse, but I was pretty busy leading up to the days before it and after. Planning and preparing for the eclipse had me going within a little bit reclusive and honoring my time alone. I felt more creative than usual and ended up making a few new things. One was a herbal body butter. I make my own beauty products rather than spending money on lotions, creams etc that are laced with things I can’t even pronounce. Plus the fake fragrances are to me what Garlic is to a vampire. Sometimes the fragrance are so strong it actually causing respiratory problems in some folks. My mother and I are both sensitive, so FAKE smells have no space in our lives.  

Recently I picked up Shea Butter from Green Wisdom Herbal Studies in Long Beach wanting to experiment making my own body butter for my mother and I. She’s a lucky lady because she gets to try all of my concoctions and experiments first.

So what makes this a LUNAR ECLIPSE HERBAL BUTTER? Well, I felt the strength of the the moon phase all month of January, I felt the magick being created as it unfolded in bits and pieces revealing truth and empowerment. I also felt extremely crafty more than usual. I basically made this body butter on the eve before the Lunar Eclipse it began for us here PST at 0251 and was at its max at 0529, created these butters with the good health & well wishes for my mother and I. Infusing it with love and bathed under the nights sky and the phases of the Lunar Eclipse. I often charge my creations and tools absorbing the sun or moon energies. The sun or moon is empowering and good time to cleanse and charge our tools, creations etc. 


Super: A super moon occurs when the full moon is closest to earth.

Blood: Blood Moon is another name for “total lunar eclipse” This is when the moon passes completely in the earths shadow, the sun reacts to the earths atmosphere before it reflects from the earth to the moon and this gives the moon a reddish glow.

Blue: Blue moons occur when there are two full moons in a month. 

So with this rare celestial event, the moon embodies the energy of every phase of the moon. It’s starts with full, then the shadow of earth begins to cover it and the moon wanes until it goes dark (red) then the new moon sliver appears and wanes into full again it’s also known as a “micro-month”. So, we have every moon phase all at once during a Lunar Eclipse. Phewwww so much energy happening all at once. The energy is strong and can cause ripples and tides in our lives. Some folks have placed fear around the Lunar Eclipse. In magickal traditions, a lunar eclipse is considered to be a time where spellwork during this time is amplified. The lunar eclipses are more emotionally and intuitively based. 

So, what kind of magickal workings should we focus on during an eclipse? It’s a good time to do rituals that are focusses on personal growth and spiritual development. 

Clean house, deep clean everything and air it out as you are doing so. Invision the old and stagnant waste fleeing your space. There are many ways to do this but after physically cleaning your home/space, give it a good Sacred herb smoke bath using Blessing Herbs like Piñon Pine Wands or Piñon Resin tears , Juniper, Sagebrush, White Sage (inquire where the White Sage smudge wand was sourced. It is over harvested and is on the “SPECIES AT RISK - TO WATCH LIST on the United Plant Savers list. Please only buy from a source that grows their own White Sage). Call in the light, love and blessings as you go from room to room even the closets and cabinets. Then give yourself a good smoke bath. 

 A Lunar Eclipse is a good time to contemplate and a time for meditation on what we have experienced in life so far. It’s a good time to journal.

LET GO of the things that no longer serves us.

Healing Magick. With this lunar eclipse the message of SELF LOVE and SELF CARE and honoring Mother Earth being her gauardian and taken care of her is important. For without her we can not sustain. 


With the moon waxing and waning phases during the eclipse, you can embody the influence of these phases and cast magick in which these phases influence. I chose to clean and charge my crystals, divination oracle deck, the Sagebrush and Piñon wands that I had just foraged and made along with herbal body butters I had made. Blessed by the love of our Mother Earth. 

So here’s my basic recipe - doesn’t have to be made on a Lunar Eclipse. 


5oz Shea butter

1/2 cup apricot oil (super hydrating especially blfor fine lines, dry skin and hair)  1/2 cup coconut oil  1 cup almond oil 5 tbs local Desert honey 4 tbs Rose Water . For the aroma (you can add whatever oils) I added oils I made of  Piñon Pine resin and Brittlebush - Encelia farinosa adding a few drops of Sandalwood EO. 

Using a double boiler, melt the Shea butter first then adding in the oils, honey. I added the Rose Water in last. Stir - pour off and adding the Piñon & Encelia oils & Sandalwood EO last. (Make sure to stir up) 

You can dress up your creation with adding things like dried rose buds, hibiscus flowers, calendula anything for a visual pleasing addition. I added Sagebrush leafs and Piñon Pine needles. 

Check out the process using a double boiler if you’ve never worked with one.  I made a short VIDEO on INSTAGRAM

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