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I decanted a bunch of Spicy Nettle Oxymel that I made using Nettle that I harvested from my friends wild garden. I love making oxymels. It’s an inexpensive way to make herbal medicine and TASTY! You can add the oxymel to salads as a dressing and other dishes.  

I chose to work with Nettle - Urtica dioica because it’s one of my allies for allergies and my lungs. Having asthma I am always looking to work with plants that will strengthen my lungs. Aside of that Nettle is one of the best nutritive and tonifying plants. Herbalist Matthew Wood states that: “Nettles is an herb that gets the job done”. Rich in protein, Vitamin C, iron and chlorophyll and high mineral content. Nettle is a blood building and strengthening herb. I increase the amount of Nourishing Herbal Infusions with Nettle during the time of my moon. I tend to be more exhausted and feeling depleated during this time and nettle is an ally for giving me strength and vitality. A blood building ally to have.  Also helps with the menstural cramps. Nettle is an ally for those suffering from anemia, heavy menstural flows and flooding. 

Indications: low or high blood pressure, diuretic, expectorant, asthma, weak and brittle hair and nails, allergies, arthritis, edema, psoriasis & eczema, menstural irregularities, sinus inflammation, acne, hypothyroid, gout, bladder & kidney irritation, for mothers who have a lack of milk Nettle is an ally for you. She will increase the quantity and quality of breast milk. 

So yes, Nettle is amazing. When I’m feeling under be weather, Nettle is one of the herbs that I go to. Something to have during cold/flu season for them days that we are dragging. 

So about Oxymels.. Oxymel comes from the Latin word “oxymeli” which means “acid and honey”. The base is raw organic with the mother Apple Cider Vinegar and honey (local/organic is ideal) and which ever plants you choose to work with. Oxymels are one way to work with plants that may not be as pleasant to take alone.

They are delicious and I have to literally put the bottle down when I have an oxymel. It’s a tasty way to take plant medicine. Great way to get the kiddos to take in the plants as well as for folks who are sensitive to alcohol. 

It’s also easy to make and you can get creative with what you are adding to it. I wanted to create a Fire Cider like version of an Oxymel so I added a few things to it that i had in my basket like jalapeño, garlic, onion and cayenne pepper.

This recipe is what I used for a quart size of Spicy Nettle Oxymel.


1 whole yellow onion 

5 Jalapeños (with the seeds for an extra punch)

4 Garlic cloves 

2 tbs Cayenne Pepper 

Filling the rest of the jar with fresh Nettle 

1/3 Cup of Honey (or less if you don’t want it too sweet) 

Topping off with Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. 

NOW BEFORE YOU ADD THE HONEY & ACV (apple cider vinegar) you will want to chop up the plants/herbs before putting in the jar and adding the other ingredients.  If you are using fresh plants then you will want to fill up your jar to the top if you are using dried plants then you will fill the jar with the dried plants 3/4 of the way.  I like blending everything together and pouring back into the jar. 

Vinegar will corrode metal and and make the Oxymel unuseable. Whenever working with herbal vinegars you want to use a plastic lid. If you don’t have plastic it’s no biggie, just cut a piece of the wax paper (I fold mine over and double it) placing the wax paper on the mouth/opening of the jar and place the metal lid over that. You want the wax paper to be in between the liquid and the lid. 

Stir once a day and allow to sit for 2 - 4 weeks. I actually let mine to sit longer. I’ve found that letting it sit for 8 weeks the taste is stronger and  seems to have more of a punch to it. Follow by straining the herbs. I either compost or eat the plants. Please the plants say “don’t toss me in the trash” give the plants back to the earth. I added the spent herbs to a salad and didn’t need to add dressing. 

So get creative and have fun witching in the kitchen. 

Green Blessings.

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