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Desert Medicine

A little vid that someone special made for me that embraces what Every Leaf Speaks is about. Ethically wildcrafting, Re-Wilding, medicine making, connecting to Mother Earth, my continuous study of the plants and their medicine.

Living in the High Desert of the Mojave Desert in Joshua Tree, I find an abundance of medicine here. Many plants who's medicine is overlooked. As a family herbalist, I continue my path by studying the plants, learning to identify and work with these medicines. I am intrigued by how the people before you and I that lived on this land worked with the plants. They were so resourceful using plants for making flour, bread, baskets, clothing to season their food to medicine. My grandmother was a medicine wombyn and working with the plants somehow connects me to her spirit. I wish she was still on this planet to teach me what she knew about the plants. I am a plant geek continuing my education studying the plants to help strengthen me as an herbalist so that I can share this with others. Opening the eyes that Plant Medicine Is Peoples Medicine. Plant medicine has changed my life, I can not imagine a day going without a plants energy and medicine.

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Thanks Schoney for my little vid <3

Green Blessings

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