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Standing With Conglomerate Mesa. Protecting the Land.

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There never seems to be an end to development that would impact the earth. There are actually many ongoing projects that are possing as a threat to wild spaces and though you may not live in the area or even in the country, your voice contributes to the decision that agencies make.


Protecting the Conglomerate Mesa.

Conglomerate Mesa is 5,000 acres of roadless BLM terrain located near Death Valley National Park, Owens Lake Bed, Cerro Gordo Wilderness and Malpais Wilderness. This area is diverse in both ecosystems and flora many of which are sensitive, rare and threatened plants likeYucca brevifolia, Western Joshua Tree, Perityle inyoensis, Inyo Rock Daisy and Cymopterus ripleyi, Ripley’s Cymopterus. This are is in imperial due to the international mining company K2 Gold who is requesting permission of the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) to build an access road so that they can bring in their equipment to proceed with their mining project that seeks to mine for gold and other minerals under the Conglomerate Mesa. This habitat needs protection from the machine that threatens the flora and fauna. It is also the ancestral homelands of the Paiute-Shoshone and Timbisha Shoshone First Peoples who still come to area for gathering of Piñon nuts.

This Sunday is the STAND WITH THE LAND rally hosted by Friends of the Inyo. If you can make it out the location, time and more information is on the flier posted below. Friends of the Inyo Facebook event here

More information on this issue click HERE


Sign the online petition CLICK HERE

Please write a letter to the Inyo County supervisor (emails below). Despite not living in the area, a flood of messages, phone calls urging them to OPPOSE the K2 Gold project. Friends of the Inyo has created talking points, CLICK HERE

Supervisor Dan Totheroh, dtotheroh@inyocounty.us, 760.872.2137

Supervisor Jeff Griffith, jgriffiths@inyocounty.us, 760.937.0072

Supervisor Rick Pucci, supervisor.pucci@gmail.com, 760.872.0917

Supervisor Mark Tillemans, mtillemans@inyocounty.us, 760.878.8506

Supervisor Matt Kingsley, mkingsley@inyocounty.us, 760.878.8508

Keep update on more issues and actions that arrise like this one via California Native Plant Society CLICK HERE