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For folks who don’t know, I am also a hairdresser. 12 years now and going. So, I wanted to share this on my page because I find it so many folks growing their hair out get stuck in a spot. I’ll elonorate more. 

This is my guest Summer, we have gone through many hair changes together, well more on her part. She has gone from long hair to short and to many colors and tones on the color wheel. She is currently growing out a asymmetrical pixie cut which in her case her coarse and thick hair gets heavy and the hair looses its shape. As hair grows it gets heavy & lacks shape. Especially if you have thick, coarse hair. You will find the need to remove bulk and give shape more during the time of growing your short styles out than say someone with longer hair who’s trying to continue the growth. Even then consider dry ends, heavy limp locks. 

So don’t ignore your locks, give them encouragement to grow by dusting off the split ends, give it shape as it grows so you can avoid bad hair days. Working with herbs that are nourishing and can help with hair growth as well as giving a healthy glow & strong nails, plants like #Nettle (Urtica dioica), #Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) have been two of my allies. Also working with collagen has helped immensely! If you are wondering where to source these herbs from are Oshala Farm Mountain Rose Herbs Southwest Botanicals, Pacific Botanicals or I suggest buying in bulk (by the pound). I personally don’t ever buy powdered herbs for many reasons. 

how long ago was it powdered? How long has it sat in a warehouse then on the shelf of the store?

 is the plant the actual part of the plant that is typically used? Remember lots of these “herbal pills” on the market are sold by big companies who are mass producing. 

I always wonder who’s doing their research? 

Is it a skilled herbalist? 

Are they sourcing ethically?


I used to make loose leaf tea in those little tea balls. Then I learned from Green Wisdom Herbal Studies that the plant needs room to expand to get the full bodied flavor. They plant doesn’t want to be constricted in a small space where it can’t move. So using a French Press or just adding your herb to a glass jar like a Mason or Ball Jar and sealing shut. You can use a Bombia Straw if you are making a cup of tea, for an infusion I normally strain and ALWAYS #compost the spent marc (plant material) if you don’t have a compost, return the plant to the earth.

If you don’t like the taste of the plant, you can certainly powder it yourself (depending on the plant) purchase capsules at a health food store & powder up yourself. But in order to get the full benefit, you may find yourself swallowing more capsules than if you had made a cup of tea or an infusion of the plant Collagen can be bought at any health food store, my favorite is @neocell powdered collagen on an empty stomach or if you’re traveling they offer pills as well. HERBAL TEA & INFUSIONS. LOOSE LEAF TEA 1 - 1.5 tsp herb to 8oz hot water. Steep 15-20 minutes and use a bombia straw (I have an example of a tea I’ve made in second photo with straw) these bombia straws are amazing, it’s how you would drink Mate traditionally sipping along while the straw acts as a filter/strainer. HERBAL INFUSION 1oz dried plant material to 1qt (32oz) boiling hot water. Cover and let infuse for a minimum of 4 hours up to 8. Strain the plant and squeeze as much of the liquid out. & compost! Other things you can do to stimulate hair growth is taking a rosemary oil and massaging into the scalp, this will stimulate blood flow. Brushing the scalp with a brush, removing any build up following with a vigorous massage will also help bring blood flow to the area. Also other things that can slow hair growth are stress, having a bad diet, dandruff and other scalp issues. 


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