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Piñon Pine - Pinus monophylla,

Piñon Pine is one of my favorite desert Tree Medicine’s (Juniper is another). Sitting under a Piñon, leaning on her trunk and feeling her healing energy has always been comforting & grounding for me. I Love gathering her resin for medicine. I infuse oil with her resin making a nice stimulating and warming, anti-microbial, anti-fungal anti-bacterial healing salve for wound care and muscle rubs for achy joints & muscles.  

Tinctures made of her resin to help in the healing process of cold/flu season. High in Vitamin C, immune & energy boosting When burned using a charcoal disc, the coniferous scent fills the space with fragrant & sweet pine scent that can also be uses as a natural type of lysol. It is aromatic and can clear stagnant air especially after an illness.

A pea size of resin can be chewed on to help loosen up mucous build up. Piñon is an effective expectorant making it an ally to the lungs. The needles and the bark are also medicinal. The bark is a stronger expectorant than the needles are however we want to be mindful to NEVER strip bark off a living tree. Seek downed branches after a recent storm.

The resin that I gather are from either recently fallen trees or resin that has fallen to the floor. I never remove resin from a tree because it can be causing further illness and exposing the tree to infestation of insects that can harm the tree. The resin acts as a scab covering an area of trauma. You would certainly not remove a fresh scab that is covering a site of injury on your body. So we must consider this when gathering resin and question the companies who are offering resins from plants and trees.

Piñon Pine Resin is one of allies that’s in the salve I make Wound Kiss & in the muscle rub Warming Vibes 

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