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Every Leaf Speaks Botanical Studies invites you to embark on a journey of botanical discovery through our diverse range of services. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with our hands-on immersive herbalism workshops, naturalist hikes, and native plant walks, each designed to deepen your connection to the natural world.

For those seeking a unique experience, we offer private events tailored for retreats and groups, providing a personalized touch to your desert exploration.


Our Native Plant Landscape Consultations empower property and home owners to transform your surroundings into thriving, ecologically conscious spaces.

Delve into the art of herbalism with our Herbal Medicine Making workshops, where you'll learn to harness the healing properties of plants.


For the dedicated herbal enthusiast, our annual Foundational Herbalism apprenticeship offers a comprehensive journey into the world of plant medicine.

Booking our experiences is convenient through Airbnb and Way via Autocamp Joshua Tree. Alternatively, for direct bookings or inquiries, contact us via the email link below.

As a token of appreciation, we offer a 10% discount for groups of 10 or more. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, herbalist, or someone simply curious about the wonders of the botanical realm, Every Leaf Speaks Botanical Studies is your gateway to a world where every leaf has a story to tell. Explore, learn, and reconnect with nature.

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Native Plant Landscape Consultation.

Are you interested in learning about the flora on your property? What drought tolerate plants would be suitable for your native garden? Are you interested in the appropriate plants for increasing biodiversity and or working on restoration of your landscape?  


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Naturalist Hike

Explore the desert with a naturalist, desert ecologist, and clinical herbalist, learning about the rich biodiversity of the Mojave and Colorado Deserts. Events occur in the Joshua Tree National Park. 

JTNP Permit  JOTR-CUA-22099

Email for dates of availability and pricing. 

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Foundational Herbalism is an introductory LIVE Zoom online course encompassing the fundamental principles of Traditional Western Herbalism. This program consists of a series of eight classes (25 hours). 


This course will introduce you to a new way of looking at plants, their uses while cultivating relationships with the flora. 

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This course takes place in the spring and autumn in the Mojave Desert and Colorado Desert. Apprentices will meet and learn about desert biodiversity and the importance of supporting diversity and cultivating native flora.

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