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California Department of Fish & Game commission meeting information 

CDFG meeting will occur on April 21, 2022, and starts at 8:30 AM.


WESTERN JOSHUA TREE is item #19. The meeting will be resuming from where the commission left off from the prior day, starting with Agenda item #13 . 


Public comments will be accepted for the meeting that will be held via ZOOM, we encourage folks to write a 1 to a 2 minute comment and join in for the public comment portion of the meeting. We need as many voices present on this day as there will be many of those opposed to the protection who will be present. Unfortunately, some biologist feel that that the species is not warranted protection, read more here,  yet we remain hopeful and therefor need as many voices to say otherwise! 

The Western Joshua Tree only occurs in the Mojave Desert, with a restricted range, we are seeing populations decline from wildfire, development, solar farm development and the increased drought is not helping. The climate is changing and these iconic species are in deed impacted. Please join us in urging the CDFG to grant the species permanent protection. 

 The Team

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