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Western Joshua Tree




Documenting the incident:

  • get the address.

  • if no address is visible mark your location by dropping a pin on your smartphone and save the information.

  • take photos and vidoes

  • take photos of vehicles involved, license plates if possible.

BE CAREFUL, we have experienced aggression from those illegally removing the Western Joshua Tree. We have casually asked if they had permits and where they were taking the Joshua Trees in the past. Once again heed caution, but document away! 

  • If you witness removal "take" of the Western Joshua Tree, please contact the Code Enforcement officers of the town, city, county of where the incident occurred as well as DFW (fish & wildlife)   CALTIP
(888) 334-2258


San Bernardino:

SBC Code Enforcement 

(909) 884-4056 press 1

Palmdale Code Enforcement
(661) 267-5234
Palmdale Planning Department
(661) 267-5200

Yucca Valley:
Yucca Valley Code Enforcement
(760) 369-6575
Yucca Valley Planning Division
(760) 369-6575 X317

If you are interested in adopting native plants, please register for our native plant adoption list. CLICK HERE 

 The Team

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