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Merry Yule Tidings - Winter Solstice from Jtree.

As the sun moves into Capricorn it is symbolic of a new year is fast approaching. We are reminded to pause and reflect. Checking in with ourselves and asking ourselves "are we where we want to be? "Are we doing what we ought and want to do?" We can take clues from Mother Earth on what we should be focusing our attention and energy on. As it is winter the trees are bare, the leaves have fallen in autumn, the critters are in hibernation. All of nature is slowing down, so taking cues from Mother Earth and how she conserves her energy, we too can do the same. In today's times we are always busy, work, family, relationships all seems to have us always on the go. Taking time to go within even if it is for 20 minutes would help us plant the seeds that we want to see in the near future. The December solstice is called "The Dark Night of the Soul" because it is the time to go within ourselves and take a look at what is going on with ourselves on a heart and soul level.

While it is the shortest of days, the longest of nights and darkest of nights, this is an opportunity for us to retreat within ourselves. Cleansing and removing any unresolved issues, the crap we push away and never face. Letting go and saying goodbye to those and the things that drag us down or no longer have space in our life. It's hard to do this sometimes but it is a way of transitioning and making room for the new magick.

I usually go on hikes on Winter Solstice, but today in the High Desert (Joshua Tree) we are having high winds, making the temps seem even colder than it actually is. So, the hike may never come today. But my altar has been cleaned and dressed. Using evergreens like Pinon Pine and Juniper. Gathering earth elements, mementos gathered in nature, blessing herbs of Pinon Pine resin, powdered Pinon needles and Juniper leaves to dust on the charcoal. Making my favorite herbal wine during the colder months of the year, Glogg, really a Mulled Wine. Incorporating colors that represent Yule. I also took the day off of work. In fact, I always prefer to be outdoors opposed to inside. If weather is good where you are at, go connect with Gaia.

So as we move out of Mercury Retrograde (actually tomorrow) and we are moving into Yule, I am using this time as a period of reflection. Lots happening energetically with the planets. Mercury Retrograde was strong this last month and I felt the strength and the pull that felt to be drawing me back, causing much confusion with some heartache. The good thing is being aware of this time and staying calm without leaping into a black hole. So I am letting go of the things that no longer have room in my life or good for me, calling in the things I want to manifest into my life with the help of the directions, plant spirits, spirit guides and my abuela.

Blessed Be

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