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Desert Medicine Kitchen Witchin’ - Piñon Pine & Yerba Santa

Last nights immune boosting and my Ode to the Desert - decoction using some Mojave Desert native plants. Ethically wildcrafted by myself Piñon Pine needles, twigs, bark and Yerba Santa. Adding to this brew: 






•wildcrafted Fennel

•Licorice Root




•💚lots of LOVE 💚 ✨ This “spent” plant material will go into my composting bucket rather than throwing the left over plants away. Showing the deepest respect, honor & gratitude to the plants & their medicine, I return the plants to the earth 🌏 ✨ I asked Susun Weed last year about re-brews & asked if I‎t was still medicinal, her answer was “NO”. Now some plants you can extract more medicine out of. Susun told me which ones & I have been making re-brews to extract the mucilage from Linden - Tilia cordata & Comfrey - Symphytum uplandica X. Using for either poultices or to be used as tea. Linden is wonderful for sore throats and the mucilage, a bit thick is coating to the throat and mucous membranes. ✨

I do make a re-brew after making Nettle Infusions, reserving the re-brew as water for my plants. They seem happier when they get some Nettle in their soil.

Green Blessings💚 . . #Pinonpine #pinusedulis #yerbasanta #eriodictyontrichocalyx #everyleafspeaks 

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